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All for good

Posted by Vishal G R on January 5, 2012 at 2:00 PM

I would like to share a Moral Science story from my school days at Chinmaya Vidyalaya.

Why this children’s story so special?

For me, the moral of this story works even today and it will work for you too… I am sure you would agree with me after reading!!! ;)


Once upon a time, there was a king. Like every other king, he had a loyal and trust worthy minister. No matter what happened, the minister would always say "All that happens is for good".

One day the king, minster and some of his men were getting ready for hunting. At that moment, the king's son, who was a small boy, came running with an apple and a knife and asked.

He asked his father, "Dad, please cut this apple for me". The king took apple and knife from the child's hand. While cutting the apple, he cut his finger too and cried in great pain!

The servants came running and tied a piece of cloth around the cut finger. However, the minister was not worried and as usual said, "All that happens is for good O King, don't worry!"

The king was enraged by these words and ordered in a fit of rage, "How can a wound be of good for a king? Hang this foolish minister tomorrow at sun raise!"

Even after being put in a prison, the minister said, "All that happens is for good..." The guards astonished at his calmness.

Then, the king and his men left to the forest for hunting. Midway into deep forest, a group of forest natives attacked them. All his soldiers ran for their lives and the king was caught. They took the king to their chief, who would eventually sacrifice him.

The chief examined the king, noticed the cut in his finger and said, "To praise Goddess Kali, we need a perfect, healthy human for the sacrifice. This king is wounded and thus imperfect!"

Finally a simple wound saved the king’s life!

The king realised the meaning behind his minister’s words and rushed to order his release. He narrated the while story and asked for minister’s pardon. But again, the minister said "That was for good too, O king!"

The king was stunned and asked "HOW"?

The minister explained, "No matter what, I would have never left you alone in the forest despite the soldiers running away. And along with you, those forest men would have captured me too…"

He continued, "Since, I am healthy and perfect with no wounds, they would have sacrificed me!"

Now the king understood and asked, "So, my punishment made you stay in the prison and escape death?"

The minister smiled and said, "All that happens is for good... All for good!!!"

If we think and act like the minister, we will be always happy no matter what!

Good things are always good to share :)

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